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Eat Me Ink Me "Old Masters" skirts review


I'm here with another review. Yesterday I went to pick up the package of my last loli purchase, two Eat Me Ink Me's "Old Masters" series skirts, long version both. The prints are Francois Boucher's "Marriage of Cupid and Psyche" and Botticelli's "Primavera".

I had known about Eat Me Ink Me for some time, but it wasn't till recently when I started browsing Etsy that I found about it again. After looking up the brand's own website, I asked Zeloco (the shop owner) about a dress but ended up going with the two skirts, in custom size with additional lining. Paintings as prints on a skirt? What could make a better lolita print? I had to get one, but if I was going to get one why not get two.

So here they are. I also requested two other custom additions, lace on the hem for a finishing touch and a bow to add a little "kawaii-ness" to the waist band. Zeloco was always really nice, she showed me a photo of the laces she had for me to pick one and suggested making the bow in double layer (because I wanted the lace on the bow too). She had the skirts ready in about a week, so it's as fast as you can wish for. Because I was going to be away from home I had to ask her to delay the shipping for some time. She had no trouble with this and delivered the package when I asked her to. Overall, excellent.

Here's the package, it was sealed with a cute cupcake tape but had the EMS one stuck on top (it was only visible on the inside)

Inside the two skirts in air sealed bags with the brand's sticker

Also includeded were a cute little card with the shape of an envelope and a handwritten message and the shop's presentation card.

That little card is really lovely and a nice personal touch <3. Well, now on to the skirts proper.

They are fanatastic. LOVE them. The prints and colors look vibrant with great detail, the fabric is nice and soft with the right thickness, the construction has no faults, the pleats are well definied. In short, the skirts are awesome. Here's "Marriage of Cupid and Psyche"

And "Primavera"

The waist band, shirring at the back, plain in front, it has a hook and eyelet for closing and invisible zipper. The fit is perfect and at 66cm long the skirt is just below knee length on me.

Don't know about you but I prefer skirts and dresses lined. It gives the sense of being more "full", sturdy, something like that. It just feels better to me.

Finally the bows, they look pretty on the waist, matching the lace on the hem. Honestly the stock skirts looked a bit plain to me. The lace on the hem and the bows really add the finishing details that make the skirts look better on the whole. That type of lace goes perfectly I think. Small, fine, adds enough without being distracting.

Here's a gallery with the photos of the skirts in higher definition

What can I add? I'm super happy. I have no complains or negative points about the experience. A round 10/10 for everything. The whole thing with EMS shippping costed 255 EUR. The skirts alone are 100 EUR each. I'll be defintly buying again sometime. There's only one or two other reviews about Eat Me Ink Me, but none about this series of prints. Here's one now, hope you liked it :3
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